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Building Your Pricing Plan
How we help you price your home to receive the most money in the shortest time

A proper pricing plan is a combination of art and science.  Anyone can “run comps” for your home but the best agents know how to analyze the data and help you interpret the information to arrive at the right asking and selling price.

Most homes that do not sell suffer from a problem related directly to a poor pricing plan and a real estate agent’s enthusiasm about the property will NOT increase its value.  It’s a fact that all of the exposure in the world will not sell an overpriced listing.  Since buyers still comparison shop today, it’s important that your home be priced competitively, using verifiable facts based on relevant sales data.

To receive the most money in the shortest time, you must build the right pricing plan for your home.

Here’s What I Do For You:

  • I prepare a comprehensive Market Advisory & Pin-Point Pricing Evaluation Report for your home.  This Report is the most comprehensive and accurate home pricing report available today and it is unlike any typical CMA report used by traditional real estate agents.  Included in this Report are:
  • Powerful market analytic reports that examine the market on multiple-angles and from multiple levels. Cumulatively, these Reports show you the “big picture” of what is going on in our local real estate market and give you a clear understanding of market trends and the influence they will have on your home’s selling price and time of sale. 
  • A “street level view” of all comparable homes currently listed for sale, under contract, and recent closings.  Its here we will talk specifics; paint a clear picture about how your home stacks up against other homes.  These reports include addresses, prices, color photographs, and statistical data on each home and goes far beyond what most agents do by simply printing addresses and prices on a CMA.
  • Comparable Value Indicator summary page using targeted property data from three information sources (just like a professional home appraiser).  This Report ties everything together and clearly and in plain English shows you the most like range of value for a home like yours. 

The Benefits of Building the Right Pricing Plan:

  • Eliminates Possibility of Pricing Mistakes: Seeing the “big picture” is your only safeguard against under pricing or overpricing your home because understanding market momentum is far more important than the price of the last home to sell on your street.
  • Helps You Sell Within A Specific Time Frame:  Most people have a time frame they want or need their home sold by.  Having a comprehensive understanding of the market will allow you to pick a pricing strategy that fits your time table.
  • More Showings, Higher Selling Price: Pricing is the window through which buyers look to find homes. When your home is priced right, buyers and their agents will see it and statistics verify that right priced homes sell closer to their asking price.

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