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Short Sale Success Stories 

Short Sales have become a part of our real estate market beginning in 2006.They are highly complicated transactions fraught with an equally high attrition rate if handled by anyone less than a proven expert.

Given this I have surrounded myself with a select group of highly short sale specialists that make up my short sale team. Each of these team members focus on a particular aspect of the short sale process. Over the years we’ve delivered exceptional results to our the clients in gaining lender approved short sales. But don't take our word for it, take theirs.

Please give us a call or connect with us via email when you are ready to join the growing number of satisfied sellers who have placed their trust in us to help them short sale their homes. We're here to help.

“With Jeff’s help our home sold in 13 days, he negotiated our bank approval in just a few short months, and, arranged a perfect moving date.  Jeff did a great job short selling our home…we’d certainly recommend you call him to short sell yours too.”
- John and Kristine Bobrowski
 1737 Dunkeld Lane, Folsom

“Jeff and his staff did a great job in getting our short sale approval.  Jeff took care of the all of details, managed everything flawlessly with our lender, and ultimately made it all so painless.  If you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable agent, one that knows the short sale process, do what we did and call Jeff.”
- Heather and Alex Valdez
158 Thorndike Cir, Folsom

“When I needed to short sale my home I felt comfortable Jeff was the person I could trust to look out for my best interest.  He took the time to help me with the paperwork, held my hand when I needed it, and handled all the details so I was able to focus on my job and my move to my new place.  I couldn't have done it without you!”
- Michele Dolliver
1897 Broadford Dr, Folsom

“As the predominant real estate agent in Folsom for so many years, Jeff was the obvious choice to help us short sale our home.  When our lender balked at the buyer’s offer price, Jeff held everything together by working with our lender to settle at a fair value that everyone could live with.  Without Jeff and his team, everything would have fallen apart.  He even got us $3,000 cash at closing!  If you need an experienced agent to help you, you should call Jeff Hoffman.”  
-Tim and Debbie Hardy
101 Dunstable Way, Folsom

“With Jeff’s help we were able to find a buyer for our home in only two weeks.  When our lender wouldn’t cooperate, Jeff and his staff worked tirelessly to get our short sale approved. Without his tenacity our sale would not have closed.  Jeff was the glue that held everything together. If you need a Short Sale Realtor you should call Jeff Hoffman.”
- Bill and Kathy Bolding
433 N. Lexington Dr, Folsom

“Jeff and his team guided us through the entire short selling process. From helping us gather up our paperwork, to finding a buyer quickly, to getting our lender to approve the buyer’s offer all the way to closing in just over 60 days.  Jeff did a great job moving things along and answering all of our questions. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the work Jeff did.”
- Scott Carver
1993 Misty Meadow Dr, Folsom

“I needed a Realtor who could find a buyer for my home and one who was very experienced in short selling.  In what seemed like no time at all Jeff sold my house and got my bank to approve my short sale. I enjoyed working with Jeff and his friendly staff and would gladly recommend him to you too.”
- Keri Case
1614 Morganite Court, Folsom

“We were a little skeptical that our bank would work with us in a short sale but Jeff he answered all of our questions, gave us some great advice on how to approach the bank, what to expect, and then coached us through the entire process all the way to getting our approval. We feel very lucky to have worked with Jeff.”

- Dave and Christiann Mau
1400 Freswick Dr, Folsom

“Jeff certainly knows the market and is undoubtedly the most experienced real estate agent in our area which is why we called him to help us short sale our home.  Our approval was done very quickly.  We especially appreciated his knowledge and the time he spent with us and will eagerly recommend him to anyone we know needing help short selling their home.”
- Kurt and Ellen Adler
2011 Stockman Circle, Folsom

“I knew I would have to short sale my home when I decided to put it up for sale. I immediately turned to Jeff and his team.  They were efficient, friendly and helpful. My lender approved my short sale and I couldn’t have done it without Jeff’s help.  I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing help short selling their home.”
- Michele Tracy
107 Arrowsmith Dr, Folsom