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MLS Photo Hall of Shame

Amazing But True Pictures As Seen in The MLS 


Having eye popping professional looking Multiple Listing Service (MLS) images that bring your home to life is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

Today’s home buyers primarily use real estate Internet search sites to locate listed homes.  These listing syndication sites receive data feeds directly from the local Multiple Listing System (MLS) with property information and images that are uploaded by the listing agent.  It’s this very MLS data that buyer’s use to sift through online listings to select homes they would like to see and the ones that don’t make the cut.

Sadly, the volume of truly BAD pictures we see in the MLS is becoming the new normal.  It seems to us a large percentage of real estate agents are more interested in saving a few bucks of their own money by using “point and shoot” cameras or their hand held device camera instead of investing in high quality professionally taken property photographs.    

To prove our point we created the “MLS Hall of Shame” consisting of bad property photos as seen in the MLS.  These photos clearly illustrate the disservice lesser agents bring to seller clients via their MLS marketing, and the problems they’ll create for your home sale should you list your home with such an agent.  

My MLS Marketing Plan Includes 25 Magazine Quality HD Photographs and Full Motion Video Property Tours

Studies show professional quality DSLR photographs help your home get more attention and help you command a price significantly closer to your asking price.  It doesn’t cost you any more to have your listed home professionally photographed by us, but, it could cost you dearly if you let anyone other than our professional photographer shoot it!

Unlike other point and shoot cameras, our special wide angle lens captures 100% of the every scene we shoot.  Through a combination of natural light, flash & a very a highly advanced photography method known as HDR, every photo we take of your property will be of the highest quality.  Non-HDR cameras take pictures at one exposure level with a limited contrast range.

This results in the loss of detail in bright or dark areas of a picture.  HDR compensates for this loss of detail by taking multiple pictures at different exposure levels and intelligently stitching them together to produce a picture that is closer to how the human eye sees it.

The Canon 5D Mark 2 full frame DSLR 21.1 Megapixel digital camera with Broadcast Quality HD 1080P Video!

The images below show the sharp contrast between agent taken photos and professionally done photos using HDR technology.


Interior shots will be more vibrant, windows will not be blown out (unrealistically bright), and dark corners will be lit so that the details can be seen. The end result-clean, crisp, amazingly clear professional grade photos that show you home in its best light!

Using a combination of Natural Light, Flash & HDR photography, I color correct, crop, and adjust each image to provide clean, well lit, magazine quality looking MLS images of your listed home. 

The Benefits of Professional MLS Photography vs. Agent Taken MLS Photography:

  • More Showings:  96% of all real estate transactions involve two real estate agents.  Today, the vast majority of real estate agents “tour” homes by looking at pictures attached to the listing rather than getting in their cars and driving to the home.  Professional MLS photographs attract more agent interest that leads to more showings.
  • Higher Selling Price:  Studies show professionally photographed homes sell for more money and on average closer to their asking price.
  • Quicker Sale:  Most people have a time frame they want or need their home sold by.  Professionally taken photos are proven to sell your home quicker than agent taken photos.
  • Increased Odds of Sale:  Across all price ranges homes with DSLR professional photography were more likely to sell than homes photographed with point-and-shoot cameras.